Here is a quick essay of quarry on Indiais Mars quest on November 05, published in Asian Street Journal. A: - Sarabhai is one of the biggest personalities inside the controlled world of India. Sarabhai had confidence, bravery and the experience to release India into space-age even though most of the experts were in no mood todo any more space investigation.

A: - we could explain some great benefits of space research while in the words of Vikram Sarabhai herself. For all this and much more as he was the builder of house programme in India Indians have to appreciate Vikram Sarabhai. An investigation station was established by Sarabhai at Gulmarg in 1954 that has been later expanded in to a full-fledged high-altitude lab.

A: - Sarabhai is among the greatest people while in India's controlled world. Sarabhai had courage the foresight and assurance to start India into space-age even when all of the Indian professionals were in no feeling to complete any space study that is further.