By choosing who we want to pay attention to, teens may handle whether peer-pressure includes a good or bad effect to them. Once we think of the word peer pressure, we usually think in an adverse way of it. I appreciated the way you composed a few of the negative and positive impacts of peer-pressure. I appreciated how you mentioned peer pressure's two several types, positive and negative. I recognize family unit members do add tension into your life which can make it all more complicating.

Though, you could note more about individuals might want to belong to the damaging side of peer-pressure. They are able to make suggestions from falling about building the proper conclusions by regularly discussing to the bad peer-pressure you could encounter.

I enjoyed the method that you wrote a few of the positive and negative impacts of peer pressure. I loved the way you said both several types of peer-pressure, negative and positive. I agree family members do include pressure into your daily life which can ensure it is more complicating.